Painting flowers from my little corner of the world in Madison, Mississippi. Oil paintings to bring your home and heart to life. xx- Jessica

  • Grace

    Hi! I'm Jessica! This is me and my babes at an art festival doing what we love! Smiling and making new friends. I've found so much grace in this life and art has become a place for me to share so much more than flowers and paint. I hope something in these paintings or the way that I share them encourages and reminds you as you look at messy paint formed into beauty, God works all things together for good in our lives, even the messy drippy bits. (Rom 8:28) Come for the art, hope you stay for the encouragement and friendship.

  • Whimsy

    Impressionistic in style, to call my paintings playful and whimsical is the highest compliment to me. I hope these thick lush textured oil paintings remind you that they are just like this life we're in, more than meets the eye.

    Whimsical original paintings on wood + canvas. Thick layered messy brushstrokes meets palette knife technique distressed to imperfect perfection. Impasto oil paintings that tell a more than meets the eye story with their endless details. Painting brings me incomparable joy and I hope that joy comes across in a piece you might choose to hang on your wall from my growing portfolio. 

  • Art

    I fell in love with oil paint during a season of slowness when covid changed the landscape of our lives and have not looked back since teaching myself along the way from fellow artists and through trial and error mainly focusing on flowers. Paint has become a way to express my soul. Painting flowers reminds me of the beauty of life, the purpose in each season with each new bloom or lack thereof, and the Gardener's hand lovingly tending to us just like the flowers in and out of season.